Digital marketing in particular is now the front-runner in reaching current and prospective customers. It has become an essential piece of a modern marketing and PR strategy. Below are examples of web design, social media post, animated gif, mobile advertising and gamification.

The gamification module is designed to educate healthcare professionals about new medications. It begins with a video followed by a series of questions. The participant must choose the correct answer to move forward. A certificate is available upoon completion.

Above is an exhibit of national importance at the Quartyard outdoor venue in San Diego’s East Village.

The Buses Are Coming celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders. Featured are historical photographs and the stories of those who participated. Each image has a QR code and with a quick scan with your mobile phone you can hear the original news cast and interviews as you tour the exhibit. I designed a QR code/ street decal for each corner of the block to bring awareness to the exhibit.