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Ben Marshall: Freelance Creative Director / Art Director hands on capabilities with a wide range of experience and skills. What you see is what you get. Background: Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Financial, Spirits, Fast Food, Sports Nutrition, Auto, Military and more. Skills: Conceptualization Design Strategy, Website / Digital, Design, HTML CSS, Advertising, Social Media, Packaging / Label Design, Logo Design. Television / Video and Photography / Retouching.



When OraQuick wanted to target the African American market with their in-home HIV test, they were in uncharted territory. With my insight and cultural understanding, a nontraditional approach was established. After partnering with respected influencers, an unbranded dialogue about relationships, sex and responsibility began. The product was introduced organically into the discussion. The campaign was well received and increased sales without any negative perceptions.


Not all people respond the same way to pharmaceutical advertising. After receiving a brief from the general market agency, my instincts told me we needed to go in a different direction. We needed a campaign that touched on emotion. We needed something that would inspire preventative treatment instead of panicked, emergency room visits. The client had always relied on the opposite approach by showing happy moments and making the product hero. Of course, there was lots of discussion and concern about taking the campaign in a different direction, but after hitting a home run with numerous focus groups, this campaign, “Sense Of Urgency”, became the new direction not just for the Multicultural agency, but also for the General and Hispanic agencies on the account.

United States Marines

The concept for this commercial was inspired by a true story about a young man going through basic training. After recording and listening to over fifty Marines telling their story, this one stood out the most. What you see on screen was taken practically word for word from his interview. The spot is intentionally designed not to look or sound like a typical Marine commercial to capture the attention of the potential new Marine recruits in a way they can relate to on a personal and human level. The key moments in this spot center around facing ones fears, breaking through, a moment of symbolic baptism / transformation and unique brotherhood only possible in the fraternity of Marines. This commercial won a Silver Effie and a Bronze Telly award.








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